Using Guitar with Griffin imic newbee

cannot record new user

Problem:I am using a Samsung galaxy 4
I bought an Imic which was suggested by n-track and have installed all the apps I need for this audio device to be connected.Ntrack does detect the Imic. I use an adapter on my guitar plug to put into the Imic Line in. I have it plugged into my android phone with USB. Yet I cannot detect the guitar on a track. Is there something I am not doing right? Is there some way of arming the track?


Sorry, I don’t use the Imic. I do have a Galaxy phone though. However, I’ve not used it to record. I think you should send your question to n-Track support ( the link is on this site> and I’ll bet they can help. There just may not be enough folks using the particular combination of phone and interface to answer. But I’d be interested in the answer.

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I acquired N track for android. One of their recommendations is using an Griffin Imic. I plugged my guitar into it using an adapter and N track recognizes it, but no sound is registered in the track.

Hi caloy, n-Track for android dev here.

After the iMic has been recognized and you granted n-Track the permission to use it, you should enable it going to n-Track’s Audio Settings window and selecting one of the iMic’s interfaces as the audio in/out.

After that, you will have to arm the track you want to record on, clicking on the “red circle” button on the track’s control panel on the left. You should see a menu showing the list of available inputs, and select one of them.

If you already tried all this and it’s not working for you, please write us at for direct support.