Using midi in n-Track

Anybody know how to do a ritardando using midi in n-Track? Is it possible?


You must insert midi tempo changes messages where you need the ritardando. In cakewalk, by example, you can do it visually, drawing with the mouse, i dont know if v4 have this visual feature, but you can do it in the tempo window. Anyway, you can import the midi from another software.

Yeah. That’s the conclusion I came to as well. Thanks.


Wow…The new 1705 build adds a window which allows drawing of the tempo for MIDI tracks. So now you can do your ritardando, accelerando, random-ando, or whatever by simply drawing it. :) It’s accessed by going to View->Tempo. Thanks, Mr. Antonioli!


He’s the best !

Cool! What’s the difference between ritardando and ritard? (Asks the retard.)

The same difference between a Stratocaster and a Strat. :) Same thing but shortened.

Oh, ok. I prefer Strats, myself.


Hmmm … prefer Strats … I guess a shorter shorthand would start to make it confusing ? I prefer S… ?