using ntrack drums

playing the drums with midi controller

hello, I have an axiom49 controller. I have no problem in using it to play all the vst instruments except the n-track drums, that apparently can be played only through the mouse. what is the easy solution that im missing?

Depends what you mean by "play."

If you’re expecting to hit a note on the Axiom and have it fire off, say a single kick drum, N-drums isn’t well suited for that - it seems to be more designed to prevent the need for doing this.

However, you can use the axiom keys to switch back and forth between patterns that you’ve created (e.g. C3 switches to the main cadence, C#3 does a 1 measure fill, D3 plays the chorus cadence, D#3 stops the sound, etc.) This would be pretty cool if you were trying to simulate a drummer in a live situation, I ‘spose.

If you really want it to do the first thing, I’d try creating a bunch of patterns that have only the one ‘hit’ in them each, and each with the length set as long as possible (last box on page 8) so they don’t repeat before you hit the next beat. Each pattern would have a unique sound in it (i.e. kick, snare, etc.) I’ve never tried this but it might be worth playing around with. You’d probably have to have sequencer live mode off for it, you might have to have N-track playing back or recording (even if it’s playing back nothing) while you’re doing it.

I don’t know if the Axiom has drum pads or not. If you’'re looking to use those, N-drums control messages are hard coded, so you’d have to re-map the notes they trigger on the device itself to match what n-drums is looking for, if that’s possible.

In either case I’m pretty sure you can’t use the keyboard to put the entries into the step grid for you.