Using Phrase samplers live

Any one have any experience

I was watching KT Tunstall performing of TV the other day. Basically it was her, a guitar, a couple of backing singers and a looper/sampler pedal.

She did a couple of songs by layering up some riffs, percussive strumming, and even some vocals. Then performed the song over the top. Sounded pretty cool.

I couldn’t see the pedal she was using other than it was blue and had two footswitches on it. Could be this one:

Akai sampler?

I’m tempted to have a look at one myself and maybe doing similar stuff live. Anyone got any positive or negative experience they would like to share?


That’s the one…



Quote: (Diogenes @ Oct. 06 2007, 7:10 PM)

That's the one...



Thanks D. I see I was pretty close to answering my own question.

So, add one more bit of kit to my "must have" list. Doh!