Using Propellerhead Reason with N-tracks

NOT using Rewire (card=Audigy 2)

Using a MIDI keyboard I am trying to use the Reason software to record to N-Tracks. The keyboard triggers the sounds from the Reason software fine and records to N-Tracks but only by enabling the Audigy2 recording console setting “What u hear”. It does not work when using the setting MIDI Synth, which, I presume, is the natural way to record using MIDI. This is a problem because the “What U Hear” setting also records playback from previously recorded tracks.

Using Sound Fonts works as expected. Enabling MIDI Synth on the Audigy2 sound card console records tracks no problem without also recording previously recorded tracks.

I have tried all the various midi device combinations in both programs and still, no joy. Is there anyone here who might have a quick fix to this problem?

(I have all the latest audio drivers)


I don’t use Reason but I would assume you would record a midi track in the same was as for other instruments in n-Track.

Do you have your record mode set to MIDI and not audio?

Do you have your midi controller plugged into the midi input you have specified in n-Track?

If you want to hear the Reason sounds then you will need to then route the midi track from N to Reason.
Is Reason a VSTi? if so then you should be abel to do that all within N using LIVE mode.

If it is a standalone app then you may need to use one of the 3rd party midi utilities that let you route midi virtually between apps (I think one is called MIDI yoke - I’ve never used these as all my synths are either VSTi’s or hardware.


The midi / synth channel in the sound card’s mixer is only for the card’s internal midi synthesizer. When you send midi data from your keyboard to Reason, the sound you hear is wave audio as rendered by reason’s sythesizer. The sound card would see it as wave audio, so you could use that mixer channel to record from. Unfortunately, if you are listening to other wave audio sources (i.e. ntrack playback at the same time you are recording) these will be recorded as well.