Using ReWire devices

DrumCore Software


I have a drum sample program called “ReWire” that I would like to use with n-Track. However, I’m getting conflicts while trying to run both programs at the same time. If I have n-Track open, the DrumCore software won’t let me play samples. And I was not able to link the two together via ReWire, as I’m not sure how to do this.

Anyone have experience with working with ReWire devices?

Thanks. Sorry for all the questions. I am finally trying to get myself up and running for real, and hitting lots of snags.

I haven’t used this particular Drum Program, but I have used Fruity Loops as a client via ReWire and the basically the setup is as follows:

1. Add the ReWire client device in ntrack through Add Chanel/Add Rewire device.
2. This brings up an ntrack ReWire dialog where you can select how many returns are routed from the drum program back to ntrack. Right and left click to select/deselect.
3. On whatever mixer you have “show rewire channels” enabled for, you should see one or more mixer strips. These can then be routed to physical outputs on your sound card, groups etc.
4. Make sure that “Live” is activated.

Let us know how you get on.

Ta John

i will try this, however, what i have found works without any fussing is to just drag and drop the samples from DrumCore into n-track. the drumcore samples are typically 4 bars in length, and it’s easy enough to just drag them in, and they seem to autoalign themselves with the previously entered sample. takes little time. it also seems to give me better signal-to-noise ratio than when i record with ReWire option. Not sure why. but when i did get ReWire to “sort of” work, my drum tracks had a lot of buzz in the mix that isn’t present in the sample (maybe it was just coming from another input that was enabled that i wasn’t aware of). when i drag the samples from DrumCore, they come across with a nicely maximized, but not clipping, signal… so i guess that’s what i’m gonna do for now with that one too. thanks!