Using sng files from V4/V5/V6  in V3

It’s been a while since i’ve been on this forum.
The days of v3.3 actually. Without having to spend all day searching, is there any way to
use sng files from newer versions V4 and above, in my old Ntrack V3?

I have V3.3 and a 16 bit card.

If i want to upgrade to V4, V5 or V6,
what is the cost supposed to be respectively, from V3.3

No need to search. Opening newer version files in an older version of most apps is almost never supported for a lot of reasons. Even if it “might work” you’d probably be getting by on pure luck.

Some apps will allow saving current version files to a previous version, for just this scenario, but n-Tracks doesn’t. Word processors are pretty good about this.

Upgrade from any previous version is $34.