Using the Grid

Lining up files

I need some help with the grid & sync-ing up files. When I move a file segment with my mouse it’s hard to get it in time with an existing track. Even when I turn on the grid and move the file to the nearest verticla line, it is still out of sync. Please help. Also, what is Snap to 0 used for?

When you record, you need to be sure you are recording in sync with the grid. So either always start recording form the beginning of the song or turn the grid on and put the time line on the nearest grid line when you want to start. However, for thegrid to work, really shoul dbe using a click track and have that click synchronized to the grid whih requires you to set the song’s tempo correctly. I use the grid constantly for quick edits. It is to the point now when I am recording some of my regulars they know… “Hey, I just nailed that take on the chorus, you can just copy and paste it in for the other choruses with the grid thing, right?” You will save soo much time in the long run with editing etc. by using a click and setting the song tempo correctly in N that you will be very surprised at how fast making comp tracks and edits can be. For the Christmas CD Kristi is putting out, I did this every where. The chorus on O Come All Ye Faithful is the exact same thing “O come let us dore him, oc ome let us adore him, …” every time except for the last where I put in a ritard. She sang the chorus, we got a great take, and I just used the grid to shuffle the same take around.

Something you will also notice is, if you had the grid off when you record a part, then turn the grid on, (if you didn’t start at the beginning of the song) it will probably be out of sync. So before you drag it, make sure you shrink the beginning of the part down to line up with the grid. If not the end that is off the grid will now be lined up and therefore out of sync.

Try the “Zoom in the time axis” button berfore youdrag the file. If you zoom in enough you can move in very small incements. If you are zoomed too far out, even a very small movement can be a lot of time.

Blessings, Terry

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