Using USB & Line-in

Using multiple microphone types

I’m thinking of investing in the software, but I have one question. Reading around on the FAQ and the user guide and I can’t get a definitive answer, so I’ll go to the people that have actually used he product.

Is it possible to select a microphone coming in on the line-in, and also record from a USB microphone simultaneously?

Currently I can record two people using XLR microphones and a Zoom H4, OR I can record one person using the USB microphone directly to the laptop. I’d like the option to feed the H4 into the laptop AND use the USB as well for a maximum of 3 people.
Whether or not each person is on a separate track isn’t a must, though would be nice.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Additional info… can I create virtual audio cables and then split them between two tracks?

Never mind, forget I asked… I found my answer.

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Somebody else might find your answer to be useful :agree: