Using VST drum plugin with a drum map


New to the forum, and relatively new to n-Track.

I have an arrangement where a friend produces MIDI drum tracks for me (because he can actually play).
The hassle I have is that his drum setup does not use standard drum notes, and thus requires a drum map to play the right sounds (this works well in Cubase, where you just assign the drum map to the track, but I don’t own Cubase, and prefer the nTrack interface).
Is there a way to do this in nTrack?

Not sure if it is important, but I am using the Addictive Drums VST plugin.

Thanks in advance,


I’m not much good in midi stuff. However, it looks like the Help file may have your answer. Click on Help and press the f3 key to enter a search for Midi. There is a section on using the ntrack drummer that ssems to address the situation.
Let us know what you find out.