V/Glass Autio installer


Marc has an updated version of Virtual Glass for windows with an auto installer now.
I can’t try it until tomorrow but wanted to post this for you.


Windows version?

Pop’s when I discussed this with Marc I made it clear that I was only talking about the windows version.
This was his message back.


Thanks for the note.
I just tried NTrack here and no problems, so I’m

not sure what to do without a reproduction method.

Do you have any crash logs to send or any other info?
Have you tried without any camera attached?
How much RAM does your machine have?
What’s the processor speed of your machine?
Do you have the latest version of Quicktime installed?

By ‘auto installing’ do you mean have an installer?
I have that now:


Tommy you do bass don’t you? Or Jason or Spreader! There is a new job posted at esession. Someone is needing bass done and is paying $50. for it. Me? I have to work this afternoon :(

I’m in the middle of another job myself - but I will try the V Glass install again.