v4.0.5 impressions....

Just downloaded build 1837 (was using build 1811 for a while and no major probs).

A few things I’ve noticed.
1. It resets all your preferences. Previous version of n-Track when you install them the first time you run it it asks if you want to keep you preferences. This new version doesn’t. And all were set back to default.

2. When I press stop it takes a couple of seconds to actually stop playing back. Press play starts immediately. Pressing stop there is a lag (about 3 seconds before it actually stops).
This happens even if I start a new song, import a wav and just play back that 1 wav file.
In 1811 stopping was pretty much straight away (sometimes some plugins would introduce some lag, but not as much as is happening with the new build without anmy plugins)

3. I like the way that it displays where each track is being output to now in the timeline. (maybe this was a feature before but I just didn’t know and resetting the preferences turned it on for me)

Has crashed a couple of times but I’m not sure if that’s just cause I need to rebuild some songs from scratch with this new version or there is something about the song it doens’t like (aplugin or something…)

4. Piano roll copy and paste seems to be fixed now

Not sure what all the .NET stuff is, I downloaded the 30M version and it just looked like a normal install when it installed and didn’t take any longer than a normal one…

Anyone else trying out 4.0.5 at the moment?


Hi Rich,
I appreciate your expertise, I’ll be waiting to finish my current CD project before I make any more upgrades.

Dunno if it qualifies as “expertise” :)

I submitted a bug report via the feedback form on it taking 3 seconds to stop when you press stop.

That is the most annoying things as you can’t stop the position marker where you want to.

It is now showing Build 1839, so perhaps your bug has been sorted Rich - don’t know, just downloading now.

Haven’t been able to find any info regarding why .NET has now been included. Anyone able to point me in the right direction (or offer an explanation).

I assume downloading and installing the full 30MB version this time around means that next time I will only need the smaller 5.xMB version?


Hi Everyone:
I plan to order to v4.0.5… I haven’t installed the previous version… I’m still useing build 1516…

However, I have downloaded the NET Framework 1.1 from the MicroSoft Downloads page… But, it’s not installed… I’m downloading Build 1839 at the moment… Minus the NET Framework 1.1

The questions I have…

1. Should I install the Net Framework 1.1 now?

2. If-and-When, I install v4.0.5 latest build, when I’m ready to upgrade, should I install NET Framework from the n-Track download page?

3. Should I download and install the build, when I’m ready and install the NET Framework seperatly? Installing n-Track and NET Framework from the n-Track Page together’ from the included install?

4. What’s a GOOD Safe way to do all this?

I don’t even know if these are good questions, to ask…


Look at all the changes - waht a load of work!


FASoft has released version 4.0.5 of n-Track Studio.

Fixed Mute = volume 0 option in Preferences/MIDI dialog box not being updated correctly.
Fixed MIDI wrong offset pasting in timeline window.
Fixed crash in MIDI instruments dialog box.
Fixed problem with paste in piano roll window.
Fixed crash when copying to clipboard a MIDI track in the timeline.
Navigator window draggable handles.
Fixed installation problems on Windows 98-ME-2000.
Fixed crash when starting playback with multi-channel drivers selected.
Fixed piano roll pasting at incorrect offsets.
Piano roll paste command pastes at the current cursor location.
Piano roll paint-paste button to paste repetitive patterns by dragging with the mouse.
Navigator window (shows current zoom location).
Faster adding of mixer stripes when adding/deleting tracks.
Enhanced copy, cut and paste of multiple tracks.
Edit/Insert command now can shift existing markers and rhythm changes.
Fixed problems when using the program as a non-Administrator Windows user. The program installation still needs to be performed by Administrator.
Fixed editing ReWire channels names.
New algorithm for Pitch Shift plug-in.
Fixed crash when rapidly enabling/disabling ReWire channels.
Fixed crash at the end of Track/Special/Stretch command.
Fixed ReWire channel properties box not appearing when clicking on channel name button & ReWire settings panel not closing when deleting ReWire channel.
Fixed problem with aux sends volume and pan not correctly following automation envelopes.
Fixed EQ knobs on mixer not being updated when EQ preset was changed.
Fixed CPU display sometimes disappearing.
Fixed program freezing when dragging the time slider on the toolbar below 00:00:00.
New way of measuring CPU time. The popup menu that appears right clicking on the program’s lower status bar allows to switch between the old (‘Process’) and the new (‘Fractional’) methods. The new method is more accurate, the playback should work until the cpu indicator reaches 100% (with the old method of measuring cpu time drop-outs usually started to appear with the cpu indicator below 100%). The new method should make it easier to realize when the song is getting too complex for the cpu to handle and you need to freeze or apply effects destructively.
Fixed crash when pasting with Ctrl+Shift+V into a blank track.
Bypass square in the track effects box turns blue to indicate that a channel (or the instrument channel a MIDI track is sent to) is frozen.
Spectrum analyzer less likely to cause drop-outs when EQ window is big.
Indication of progress when importing MIDI files.
.mid extension now appears in File/Open dialog box.
Zoom all song button zooms more precisely.
Fixed duplicate VST plug-ins when VST folder path is different in case from the shader VST folder.
Fixed crash when dragging MIDI tracks on the timeline.
Multiple VST folders defined in the Effects Settings dialog box.
Fixed problem with tracks aux sends not working from beginning of song in songs with MIDI tracks.
Fixed problem loading effects on master channels from v3.x .sng files.
Fixed incompatibility with EMU PowerFX and EmulatorX plug-ins. The ‘Extra buffers’ PowerFX option is no longer needed.
Fixed problem with video files in video sync window not starting when playback was started from the very beginning of the song.
Fixed freeze of multi-channel VSTi altering sync between MIDI tracks sent to the frozen instrument channel.
Volume evolution now follows wave files when using the Edit/Insert command.
Fixed multiple undo levels when Edit/Insert was used on multiple tracks.
Option to disable icons in menus to make the program compatible with Jaws screen reader.
Fixed crash when loading .sng file with MIDI Sysex data.
Screen scrolls to follow the track selected with the cursor keys.
Option to apply to all channels bit depth change in recording/playback format dialog box.
Fixed incorrect master channel stripe selected in left timeline bar when some output channels were disabled in the “Disable I/O channels” dialog box.
Right and left arrow keys change the currently selected track.
Ctrl+Click centers knobs and sliders.
Fixed bug that made sometimes explorer.exe crash upon opening a .sng file.
Fixed partial mixdown crashing when the song contains MIDI tracks.
Fixed auto-save changing the name of the current project.
Fixed crash when adding blank MIDI track during playback.
Fixed clone track command doing nothing when playback or live input processing active.
Fixed problem with crossfade function.
Fixed problem with tooltips for volume evolution nodes not appearing correctly when vertically scrolling the song.
Fixed problem with plug-ins latency compensation not correctly applied to frozen tracks.
Big windows are automatically made smaller to avoid occupy too much of the screen.
Fixed problem with MIDI to wav wizard conversion.
Fixed crash copying MIDI tracks in timeline window.
Fixed crash when adding an instrument plug-in channel and then immediately pressing the Live button.
Fixed Effects button on channel properties box loosing changes made in the other box settings.
Fixed ‘Keep MIDI Devices open’ option in Preferences/MIDI/MIDI devices checkbox getting stuck.

That’s from kvr-vst.

Just tried build 1839 and it still plays for about 3 seconds after I press stop.
Been editing a song tongith and it gets really annoying after a while when you want to stop and rewind a lot to listen back to parts…

I downloaded the 30M file for build 1837 and just the 5M file for build 1839.

Not sure about the order Bill but I would guess do the .NET first and then the n-Track install as the small install is if you already have .NET installed.

TomS - I think a lot of those changes were in previous versions of v4.x
Doesn’t seem to be that much difference at the moment in the features between 4.0.4 and 4.0.5…
Except the piano roll pasting bug fix…

Might go back to 4.0.4 if the stop bug doesn’t get fixed soonish…

Is anyone else getting the problem when pressing stop or is just my system?


Ok well I’ve fixed the delay in stopping problem.

Flavio emailed me back and suggested resetting my preferences.

I tried resetting the preferences from the prefernces window and when I restarted n-Track the preferences hadn’t been reset.

So I uninstalled from the control panel and then re-installed and it works OK now.

It’s late now and I’m tired so I’ll hopefully give it more of a run through over the weekend…

Seems fairly stable now. With both old songs done in v4.x as well as new songs started from scratch.

Haven’t done any tracking yet, just remixig and importing wavs


Thanks for the update Rich! :)



1. It resets all your preferences. Previous version of n-Track when you install them the first time you run it it asks if you want to keep you preferences. This new version doesn’t. And all were set back to default.

Just an update on this one - it seems to do this the first time you upgrade from 4.0.4 to 4.0.5, but then works as it used to (ie gives you a dialog asking if you’d like to keep the preferences) for further versions of 4.0.5.


1839 installed no problem.

I still have the half-second lag upon starting playback, but not gettting the 3 second delay on stop.

Quote (buddha bing @ April 29 2005,04:11)

I still have the half-second lag upon starting playback

How high have you got your buffers?
I think high buffers will mean that the program has to buffer for longer before starting to play back.

Also what drivers are you using for your soundcard?
IF you are using MME switch to WDM or ASIO.


1839 working GREAT here!! Woo Hoo!