V4.0 Configuration Question

5 Show Me Icons - Bottom of Track List

There are 5 icons at the bottom of the Track Info List. These icons enable you to show either the track strip or mixer strip or aux strip. Does anyone know how to enable/disable this feature using either the view menu of preference settings? I have search high and low but cannot locate the answer using the online docs.

I’m not using version 4 as of yet (waiting for it to get ironed out before doing critical work with it), but you could try right clicking in the left-most area that contains the mixer strips and then click “Select left track bar elements”.
I would think the option for disabling those mixer strips would found there. Not certain ??? but worth a try.


Hi Ken,

I tried your suggestion but to no avail…

OK … I see what you mean now.
Just updated to the latest build and I too can’t find any way to remove the 5 strip view icons.
I don’t see them as being much of a hindrance down there. They could actually prove to be handy.
At least we have the ability to turn off the permanent mixer strips from always showing.

Hi Guys,
Right click on the mixer itself and uncheck show mixer stripe in timeline. It’s the last option in the pop up menu. :)

Very good cidbil … I see now that the option has been availible since build 1670.
I figured it would be under some kind of right click menu … who woulda thunk mixer. :p

Hey cidbil,

Thanks alot for the information!


No problem, glad I could help :)