V4 Aux 1 problem

AUX 1 not working in version 4?

Hi. i’m am having a problem w/ the new verson and wondering if anyone has seen it.

I added effects (echo) to AUX 1, then drew send envelopes on each track.

I then decided that it didn’t sound good, so I removed the effects, disabled all the AUX 1 sends and returns and removed all effects.

But, the ECHO is still there! I can’t get rid of the ECHO for anything. It is not in the WAV files. How do I turn it off off off off?

thanks for your help.
??? :(

I just tested on my install of v4 (build 1680).
I added Kjaerhus Classic reverb on AUX 1
Drew AUX 1 send envelopes and pushed up the AUX 1 return fader

Reverb came in ok where it should have according to the AUX send envelope.

Removed the pluging and pulled the AUX 1 return fader back down (didn’t bother touching teh AUX send envelope) and the reverb disappeared like it shold have…

Have you tried closing and re-opening the file?
If you have to save it save it under a new filename.

Not much help but it must be something in your sng file or something



Welcome aboard!

When you open the mixer window (the icon with the two sliders just to the right of the Big Time icon) you should see info on all tracks including the aux buses and the master channel. Do the effects windows for any of the channels show an ECHO effect listed? If so, you should be able to kill it in that FX window. Just right click within the window and an FX drop-down dialog should open allowing you to remove the unwanted echo.

If no FX show up in the mixer window, is it possible that you inadvertantly “mixed down” the song? In that case, you would have to go back to your raw wave and start again. It would seem that even after mixdown, n-Track would still show any active FX in the upper left corner of the timeline window assuming your .sng file is still available to n-Track.

Let us know if you get it sorted out so we can quit worrying about you. :D