v4 - impressed!

Hi Guys
I have been a user of ntrack 3 for quite sometime, haven’t posted here b4 as I’m too lazy or often working long hours. Anyhow I upgraded to v 4 today and am very impressed at how ntrack is coming along. I really like the new effects added and the channel compressor & eq with their visualisation and the large amount of options that one has to get their setup right. Great work Flav!

My points of confusion, bugs or queries are listed below, in the spirit of improving what is already a great value program.
I’m using win 2k and AMD1400 with 512Mb RAM.

-I set my file path for VST plugins in the setup options (the path is to the VST folder within another program I use - Orion) but they are not being found by ntrack and the path disappears from the settings next time I open them.
-when playback is set to loop around the selection, playback halts stutters at the right edge for about 2 seconds before looping. (My buffering is set to high) Also the selection goes totally white while playback is within it - is that intended?
-When set to up/down mode the channel compressor attack & release knobs don’t move. On similar topic I would like to be able to reverse the default up/down mouse movements for all knobs, so that up increases the knob setting. Is there a setup option for this ?
-In the AutoVol, the Mix slider appears to be stuck at 100%. Also the alias pitch shift/phase shift name fields disappear when you click on their checkboxes.
-I would prefer to see clip indicators for each track in the mixer if poss.
-I like the direction the program is going graphically, ie the newer stuff. But there is something about those old toolbars at the top and even the mixer that don’t look quite sleek enough to me. Perhaps a more lean/mean toolbar setup would be better. Maybe just make the buttons smaller! Maybe make some aspects of the program ‘skinnable’.
:) :)