v4 problem

Always on reverb wont work for me


In v4 I can’t get the “always on” reverb to work for me. The eq spectrum is waving away fine but no signal appears to be getting to the reverb plug-in.

Any ideas?


Mike F

Ok, a bit of clarification; it works for wave files but NOT for vst-i channels.

Is anyone else having this problem or is it only me?

Mike F

That might be by design, but I don’t know for sure. In V3.3, I’ve discovered that some things seem to be added to the master out after the master insert. It was very obvious when the fasoft EQ and Comp reverted to demo mode in V3.3 after installing (or uninstalling V4). Some tracks were muting even y few seconds and others weren’t even though the demo EQ was in the master insert. I should have but didn’t figure out the routing. I’ve seen similar stuff when using AUX returns and when there is a hard mastering limiter set to -1db in the master insert. Things going out the AUX returns were not being limited. In all cases the master volume worked so it seems the mixing in these case was between the master insert return and the master volume.

The vsti stuff might be doing the same thing.

On other thing: The AUX returns in my case are set to pre master effects and pre master volume, so this appears to be a bug that I’ve never followed up on.

Thanks phoo. There doesn’t seem to be much feedback on this so I’ve posted a bug report. The “always-on” thing is totally new to n-track so I guess it’s inevitible that they’ll be some bits to iron out.

Mike F