v5.1.0 released looks like the wrong file


I just got a mail saying that v5.1.0 had been released so I thought I’d download it.

However it seems to be the exact same file as v5.0.9 ie file version 5.2.3668.0.


yep, wrong file here too.

Hi Gents:
I think yea gotta buy v5.1.0 to get-and-update this build… I stand corrected, and I’ve been known to be wrong, in the past… When I installed build 2298 I got the same response…


You can buy v5 either:

1. From scratch, or
2. As an update from any previous version for $29.

There’s a new v5.1.0 been posted on the n-track site now. It still looks the same but this one installs as v5.1.0.

Give it a try, it worked for me.


Hi Mike Floutier:
Thanks for the up-date and reply on this… I have just received a set of codes from Flavio… I have the earlier version-and-build from this morning… But it looks like I’ll have to download the file again… I just installed it again (the earlier Build/file) and got the same response.

My poor modem is taking one “Heavy Duty” abuse… Not to mention… the time it takes to get it… ( the file )

I just bought a Load of Virus/Trojan applications and I’m still recovering from this Big Time HIT… on this machine… I had better win the lottery, this week… or elsin’ I’ll have to put on a yard sale…

No wonder I can’t get a Hi-Speed connection in here… :O :(


[EDIT] Sorry Flavio… I’ll not mention any more Registration issues here on the Board… This ain’t the place to discuss that kind of issue…

I downloaded a second time and got the right file. Has anyone else noticed that the opening screen of the Ntrack site still shows “Latest build is v5.1.0Beta 2296”?

I downloaded it and got the correct file - build 2299. It installed right over my Build 2294 installation and shows up as registered. I haven’t tried it out yet, but all looks well.