v6.1.2 Build 2827 Crashing at startup

Problem running build 2827


I have a problem on the laptop I’m running version 6 N-track. The Laptop is a reasonably new Dell Lattitude E6410 running Windows XP SP 3. Has an Intel i5 CPU, 2.4GHz and 3.24 GB of RAM and the sound card reports as IDT.

I keep N-track reasonably upto date and haven’t had any really odd problems and so updated to build 2827 but now I’m having the software crash immediately on startup.

During install, I get the usual update messages (“N-track needs to uninstall the previous version”, “Please wait while Windows configures n-Track”, “Welcome to the n-track Studio 6 setup Wizard”, etc). When I either choose to launch N-track from the install end screen of from the desktop icon, it will display the N-track splash screen then the Windows dialog:

“ntrack.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” along with the Degbug, Send Error Report and Don’t Send buttons.

There’s not additional sound cards or devices, just straight up basic machine. Reinstalling the previos version from ntrack.com site (Version 1.1 Build 2693) is fine - the software runs perfectly, will you either the MME or ASIO4ALL drivers, records - behaves well.

As an FYI, I’ve done a complete uninstall, removed all the directories, removed all registry entries and reentered registration codes when required (for the Build 2693 install as the Build 2827 doesn’t get that far), but still no joy.

Anyone else seen anything odd?

Paco, Flavio - any thoughts?



please manually delete the program configuration folder (“C:\Documents and Settings[Your username]\App Data\Roaming
Studio6” on Windows XP or “C:\Users[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming
-Track Studio6” on Windows 7/Vista).
The App Data folder may be hidden, to show itfrom the Windows folder window, press the Alt key, then click on the Tools menu -> Folder Settings -> Display tab, then actiavate the ‘Show hidden files and folders’.

Then try to reinstall the latest version. When launching n-Track after the installation please answer “No” when the program asks you if you want to keep existing settings, so that the default settings will be restored.

If the problem persists, the program should after crashing automatically send an error report. Please click on ‘Report error’ button in the dialog box that pops-up during the sending of the error report and fill the report with your info so that I can associate the report with your name and email address. I’ll then examine the report and let you know if I can find what is causing the problem.

If the n-Track’s ‘Report error’ box doesn’t appear (not the Windows default one), you can create a crash dump in the following way (unfortunately this is not for the faint of heart):
- install and run WinDBG:
- select File/Open executable
- select Debug/Go (F5)
- after you get the crash go back to WinDGB
- type “.dump /ma c:
- zip and email the .dmp file to info@ntrack.com so we can try to examine what is actually causing the crash

If the file is too big for email you can send it via a file sharing service such as http://yousendit.com/




That seems to have worked. Thank you. Any thoughts as to what it was? Anything I may have done wrong during install? (just don’t want to do it again, I suppose!)