V6 Beta & Loops

About 1:30 of a song; Basement.mp3. I am the worlds worst drummer!! But with the help of Sound Forge Home Studio and N-Track v6 (beta) I was able to piece together a reasonable drum line. And yes some of the keys and guitar parts I edited into loops as well.


Is anyone else creating/editing thier own loops?


Very well done Duff. Funky! :agree:

'tis a funky lil piece ain’t it - how did I miss this? Nice catch Yaz.
So 'splain the drums to me - I’m curious.


Click track @120. Played to it until I thought I had enough I could get 1-2 measures. Ended up with about 2:47. Pulled that into Sound Forge and edited the crap out of it to get 1 measure. This was dragged to repeat through the whole song. Flams, rolls, drum accents, again I played along and edited to what I wanted, placed in time-line, drag right to repeat, left to shorten. Cymbals where recorded individually then edit for ring length & fade out.

4 drum tracks in timeline, 1 is throughout the whole song 3 with little pieces of drumming placed where needed. 2 cymbal tracks, again placed & dragged.

I had always thought and done my recording & mixing in a linear fashion/mode. I have never tried a drum machine nor a drum program (N-Track drums), never really understood about loops. But if this is how loops work, I’m off to get me some drum loops!!

You did a great job! Thanx for takin’ the time to 'splain it.

Hey this might be a dumb question but heeeeeere we go:

When you guys are using ntrack for drums, is that through a MIDI, asking because I don’t know beans about MIDI.

I have used drum loops, like manually created in soundforge, I take a cut of say 4 measures of a real drum track, loop it until it sounds right, then paste it over and over, open it in ntrack then record guitar over it, but otherwise dont know squat about drum machines or midi,

Is there a shortage of drummers or what? I wish there was this 2 to 1 of guitars to drums in the world. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Dont tell me that there’s someone who would rather work with a machine than a live drummer - no way!

Oh I get it, if you’ve ever had a dipsh_t drummer at least the machine won’t talk back! Also the machine won’t drink all your beer.

A couple of reasons I use drum machines and am goin to a program - Drums are the hardest for me to record… no room being #1. #2 they are usually the weak link in home recording, again I don’t have room to capture a live performance with myself and a bass player or whomever.

Sure I can understand the limitations, just wish the world was perfect. I am interested because I can’t get my old drummer buds to lay tracks anymore, they’ve run off to become laywers! (both of them!)
Still with my dumb question: What equipment are you using for drum tracks?

I have been using an alesis SR-16 - It took me a while to make my own kit in it though. I have used some others I found on line. Don’t recall them right now - I can look if you are interested. One still on my machine I would use if I had to. I just bought EZdrummer because I’m getting more into using midi. The sounds are there - kits are for sale on line though I doubt I’ll need any.

I want high production value - clean and simple. Now the trick will be to get good enough that it sounds ‘real’ although that has become a relative term - and a somewhat subjective one even in regards to drums.

What I would prefer is a drummer friend who would record tracks for me from demos I might send him, then send me the files he recorded. I do have a friend that would do that if he was into recording but he’s not. And no, he’s not a lawyer.

Hey thanks for the tips,that gives me a place to start. I’ll google what you mentioned,


Now the trick will be to get good enough that it sounds ‘real’ although that has become a relative term
That’s so true, sometimes you can tell it’s a machine because it’s programmed badly, other times it’s the sound itself. For the sound you like ( and me too) I really want it to sound real. But there’s a ton of others out there that really go for the “phat” stuff, electronica guys etc. Let em have their fun.

Here’s one I used for years. LeafDrums

It’s simple and intuitive and can render your patterns to individual drum files in wav format. Nothing fancy here though. You can use other samples in it too.