V6 Where did the MP3 option go?

After pressing the render song button in version 5 there was an option to “Create also an mp3 encoded version”.

It doesn’t seem to be there in version 6. Am I missing something?


Have you installed the ‘lame’ encoder ?
Do a search and find it, install it in the n-track directory or point n to it.

It’s a copyright thing. Can’t bundle lame with n - has to be downloaded and installed separately.

From FAQ:
* I can’t save to mp3 or convert existing .wav files to mp3

To get n-Track (6.0 or later) to create an mp3 file simply select “File/Save As” and select .mp3 as the extension of the file to save to, from the “Save As type” extension drop-down box.

n-Track Studio uses a third party mp3 encoder called Lame Encoder. The program will prompt you to download the encoder on the first attempt to convert to an mp3 file. For instructions on how to install Lame Encoder please see n-Track can’t find mp3 encoder even after I’ve installed it.

FAQ Index | Mp3 encoding, CD burning, importing audio

* n-Track can’t find mp3 encoder even after I’ve installed it

You can download the Lame Encoder dll from http://ntrack.com/redist/lame.html

o double click on the downloaded file
o select all the files in the zip folder (for example press Ctrl+A), then right click on the selection and select “Copy” from the popup menu
o create a new folder on the computer disk (for example My Documents/Lame), enter into the new folder and select “Paste” from the popup menu
o then select the file when n-Track asks you to find the Lame encoder dll.

If you have previously installed a different version of Lame encoder that for some reason doesn’t work correctly with n-Track, before following the procedure above close n-Track, remove the previous version of the Lame dll from the computer disk (or move it to a different, backup location), then follow the procedure above, making sure that n-Track asks you again to find the location of the Lame dll.

n-Track has been tested with Lame version 3.97 and later.

The mechanism to select which format to export or save to has changed in v6.
To export to mp3:
- select File/Save As or File/Mixdown menu command
- select the mp3 extension in the file requester box that pops up