Vacuuming in the Dark

I love darkness.As discount mbt shoes child, I adored creating secret, shaded forts from blankets and boxes. In college, I darkened my dorm room windows with black construction paper for optimum viewing of both television and video game. To this day MBT Zapatos wife and mother, my illicit affair with the dark continues to thrive.It’s my nature to gravitate toward candlelit, wood-walled restaurants with hanging lamps dimmed low. I MBT autumnal haunted houses, leaf-canopied woods, and dank European castles. I’ve courted smoldering fireplace and midnight thunderstorm, breezy tunnel and murky pond.

Hmmm. Moderator!

As the song says, it ain’t me babe, no no no, it ain’t me you’re lookin’ for…

:laugh: both you guys are's the part about the murky pond that says way to much

But this part of the forum is like Krptonite (sp) to our super powers… our powers don’t work here… :whistle:

I’m out of here until this guy is gone. Have fun with all that!

Just ignore him (her?). It’s not worth the stress.

Really, Levi, only the creator of n-Track has power in this forum.

I have no arms or legs, so I just bob around here aimlessly. “I just don’t have the power captain!!” ???


Has nothing to do with stress.
This forum was just hacked, this perpetual poster shows at the same time… Common sence says to stay away.
Have had to many computer crashes, and a recent financial crash, sorry.

Hmmm… “vacuuming in the dark”? That confirms it. This guy (??) SUCKS!