Song mixed with N-track

Here is my first recording attempt in a long, long time. All of the tracks were recorded on a Roland BR-8 in my basement. Then I transferred the tracks to wav files and imported into n-track to mix it down. For some reason, it doesn’t sound as good when I record directly into N-track, but I think that has more to do with my computer’s sound card than anything with the software.
I played drums and did all the technical stuff. My friend Nate played guitar and sang. No bass yet. I used a lot of the ideas from a forum topic I previously posted to mic the drums, so thanks to any of you who contributed to that.
I am well aware that the mixing levels are not perfect, and Nate is not the world’s greatest singer. That being said, honest feedback, good or bad, is always welcome. I am particularly looking for comments from those of you experienced with n-track who might know of some tools within the software that would be helpful, especially mastering!

This link will take you to our myspace page where the tune should start playing automatically when the page is loaded.Myspace page