Valentines song for wifey

I’ve plotted this since before Xmas, recorded in secrecy, this is Wifeys Valentines Day surprise -(among others)
I put the red CD in her car this morning with a small box of chocolates.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Hmmm … All I got for my wife was naughty nurse lingerie. :cool:

So did she like the song?

The song worked great!
…naughty nurse eh? …don’t tell me, I bet she needs a sperm sample.
What’s next year? Cheerleader?, Catholic Schoolgirl? French Maid? or perhaps Police officer? :p

Thanks for listening

My wife is completing her BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) so the nursing costume really fits. It hasn’t paid off yet but I am still hoping. :D

It’s a real romantic thing to do. My wife’s usually responsive to stuff like that too.

Your mix is basically decent. I’m not a fan of the percussion track. Some better samples might make a big difference. Is that a bass guitar or midi track? It’s a bit lifeless too, but it still did the job. Neat song.

The drums are a prerecorded loop that comes from my Digitech RP2000 —which they now call a GNX 2.
I would like to try out one of the Boss drum machines, try to break that monotenous loop.
Thanks for listening and the comment