Van Nuys?

Anyone explain

I was mulling over my choice for song of the year. A yearly ritual I go through online with some friends. Well the song I chose is ‘Accidents Can Happen’ by Sixx:AM. A song about falling of the straight and narrow and having the strength to come back. (Awesome melody and truly great vocal performance…Link Below)
Anyway, the 1st song on the album is ‘Van Nuys’ and I remember Poppa using it a while back. Any of our American cousins care to enlighten me on the significance of ‘Van Nuys’? (ignorant Brit here )

Accidents can happen- Sixx:AM

I’ll check it out Bruffie.

My comment re: Van Nuys was in reference to an old Johnny Carson joke on how Van Nuys got it’s name.
Goes something like, an old jewish man came over the mountains and on first sight of the valley said, “Van Nuys, Van Nuys.” (very nice - very nice)
So for years when I comment on something very nice - I use Van Nuys.
Or something like that.

Always liked this one:
Jewish wife to husband: 'Why do you alway answer a question with a question?'
husband: ‘And what’s wrong with answering a question with a questionn?’