Variable Lag is Killing Me

Looking for hope…

Cannot shake an ever-changing lag value in n-track 4. Have tried everything recommended here, but nothing seems to lick it. Even while recording the first track, the evil lag pops up. Running XP, 512 RAM, Sound Blaster Live!. My 40 gig hard-drive is nearly full (only 10 percent remains free)…should I bother freeing up some disc space? Would this finally solve the problem? If so, how much disc space should I clear? Is it possible to run lag-free on a dedicated computer only? Or is lag simply an n-track fact of life? Love the program, interface, etc…just want to make it usable.

Thanks to all in advance for any advice!

Try recording at 48Khz instead of the default 44.1kHz.

The Live works at 48kHz internally and converts on the fly.



You definitely need to free up some disk space. This may or may not be related to your lag problem, but it is certainly not helping. Free up some space, defrag, try Mark A’s tip above.


Thanks guys!

Forgot to mention that I have been recording at 48. Still no go…

So it looks like it’s time to clear out the hard drive…

If you haven’t tried this yet, see if it helps. Go to Properties/ Recording Settings/ Audio Devices/ Advanced and uncheck “Keep audio devices open”. That worked for me.