Variax -300

Anyone experienced it?

With the new Variax -300 having come out the price has come down also for this series of guitar modelers. I’ve read the reviews and have seen the pros and cons but would like to ask you guys for your opinion of this guitar and its sounds. I know the construction leaves alot to be desired according to some reviews but it’s the sounds that it models that I am interested in. Thanks for your input :)

I have a Variax 500. I am the farthest from a music snob you could find and so far I love it. I also have a POD XTL and the combination is stunning. I most frequently use the acoustic sounds (cause I don’t own an acoustic guitar) but the Les Paul and Strats sound great also. is a great forum for information.

Also the Line6 main site has a bucketload of sound clips and short videos.

I thought I would enjoy the banjo and sitar but truth is that I don’t really know how to play those instruments and while they sound good I can’t get a good sound from them :D

When I first got the guitar I was a little disappointed that the various electrics sounded so similar, however after the upgrade to the latest release (which is really easy with POD XTL) everything sounded much better. As a non-guitar expert I still can’t tell a whole lot of difference but there’s enough to make it interesting.

I upgraded to this from a cheapo strat copy and find the Variax far better to play. It seems to have a shorter neck but I got used to it quickly.

I was not so happy with the 300, the look, playing feel and general all around “energy” did not feel great. It has a huge next radius which made my hand uncomfortable. Most are saying the new 600 is more like a 300 (with a much smaller raidius) than anything else, so I purchased a 500 from eBay for $450 - a great deal.

PM or post more questions. I don’t know what else you want to know.

I bought a variax 300 this summer. It has been great. My son has the variax 600 and I think the 300 works about the same. I have no issues with the construction.