velocity settings

For piano enthusiastics like Marce if youre out there

If you have a lightweighted keyed keyboard…is there a recommended velocity setting so that when the midi is recorded and routed to a piano vsti itll have a more realistic piano touch?


If you have a lightweighted keyboard, with good touch, is probably that you get a big diffrence between High and low velocityes, resulting in a High dynamic diffrence. In real pianos, dont exist a so big range of dynamics (well, if you have a very expensive/good one maybe). So, you can “compress” velocityes. You have a 1-127 range of velocity. A 40-127 maybe is more appropiate or even 60-127. How you do this? There are diffrent ways, some keyboards let you adjust their touch sensibility. If not the case, you can manually tweak velocityes. In ntrack, by example, you can tweak velocityes adding to all a certain value.(look at the midi properties windows where say “VEL” and add there a value that will be added to all velocityes)
Also you can use MidiOx to make a Data mapping and compress it.

I was talking about setting the velocities on the keyboard itself so it plays naturally.

Manually tweaking on N is not fun

If you tweak the “VEL” combo box, it must affect, i believe, your realtime playing. The manual editin is related to the pianoroll window