Ver 3.3: Markers

Change to support lyrics properly!?!

I was considering using markers for lyrics to pop up on the screen for a vocalist so they can (a) watch the meters and the lyrics in close proximity (b) not have paper crinkling during recording. However, the only way this seems to be possible is to put the marker at the END of the lyric and tell n-track to pop-up ALL markers X seconds before the placement of the marker (this is the only way I could see to do it)… this is very cumbersome. What I would rather see is on a per marker basis the ability to say how far in advance of the marker to pop up, and how long AFTER the maker position to close down the marker. Is this possible? Is this a needed feature, or does the 4.0 version have this?

Hi TallPaul

the only setting that I know is the Edit-Markers-Manage Markers-Settings when you can set how many seconds before the marker you will see the pop-up window.


Like makako, I don’t see a way of setting how long to show the marker text, either. Sounds like a new feature request to me! Also, this is just trivia, but I did notice you can put in negative seconds to make the text pop up after the marker. Ya learn something every day! :D


Thanks for the information Tony.
It´s a curious thing!

While I’m at it; LTFL (Learn The F*****g Lyrics) or BANS (Buy A Note Stand) :)

SITYKM (Stop it, teryeah, you’re killing me!) :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Just to keep all clear. Tony I´d like to apologize if my previous comment about the subject in question was taking as offensive ok?



To those of you who responded with positive information I certainly appreciate that.