version 1746

It has been sitting on that build for a few days now with no new builds, is anyone using it and what issues have they found, or have most been worked out so far, are we getting more stable?

I’ve installed it but not done much recording or mixing since.
Done a few rough things to get song ideas down and had not problems

I din’t have any problems for the last 5 or so builds (maybe more) anyway

I’m still having the small memory overwrite problem and the problem that most folks are calling “a high-pitched whine.” Those two may be related.

Other than those the last few builds has been very stable and totally usable as long as I save often and don’t mind exiting restarting the app when the whine happens.

I saw a symptom of the memory corruption once tonight. I had another application (and FTP client app) running on one monitor doing nothing (I have multimon - it had just finished downloading a file). I had n-Tracks on the other monitor. Right when I clicked the Open button on the Import Wave dialog in n-Tracks the FTP Client crashed. This is VERY typical of this particular memory corruption. Apparently n-Tracks is corrupting a small amount of memory outside its own address space. That should be pretty difficult to do since I’m running WinXp. It also may point to something outside of ntrack.exe. Regardless, this is just something to add to the occasional problem list. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. The high pitched thing happens much more often.

Hi phoo:
If I knew, I must have forgotten…

How much ram and what type/brand name do you have installed in your setup?

And what camp are you in? Intel or AMD…?


Intel and Intel (CPU and chipset) MB.

Intel P4 3.2 ghz Prescott
Soyo Dragon2 MB
1 gig 800mhz RAM (forgot the brand, but it’s a major name)
Western Digital harddrives (160g and 250g)
450 watt power supply
DVD burner
CD burner (because the DVD burner is crappy and won’t burn CDs…go figger…software won’t recognize the DVD a a CD burner, too)
Matrox Millennium G400 dual-head video card with two monitors

I got the MB, CPU, and RAM at The rest was picked up locally (harddrives at Costco), except the power supply. That was an addition I got a while back when I had 4 hard drives and two ROM drives in there (soyo has multiple IDE and SATA connectors…Raid and all that stuff, but I’m not using it right now, thought I did at one time). I really think a heavy duty PS makes a difference and a PS on the edge is the very reason a lot of machines are unstable. AMD machines require more power than Intel machines and that may be an underlying reason AMD seems to cause more problems, assuming it’s not something else.

Definately a driver/hardware issue. You should swap out the RAM, Matrox card (dual head cards are know for causing memory issues) and try and ASUS or ABIT motherboard. ALways make sure you have the very latest drivers becasue this is where 99% of your problems stem from - not the software. The other 1% is usually operator error.

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Definately a driver/hardware issue. You should swap out the RAM, Matrox card (dual head cards are know for causing memory issues) and try an ASUS or ABIT motherboard. ALways make sure you have the very latest drivers becasue this is where 99% of your problems stem from - not the software. The other 1% is usually operator error.

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I’m not having any problems related to hardware or drivers on most machines I have. My symptoms are not consistent with it being a driver or hardware problem. I can repro them on any other hardware at my disposal, and I have 7 in my office at work, and 6 at home. And I have two AMD machines that gives me major grief in that department with many other apps.

Thanks for the thoughts though.

I have a lot of hardware at my disposal at work (access to an audio test lad with hundereds of machines). If you will list yours I’ll see if I can repro your problem there.

Hi phoo and Everyone:
I’ve been spec’ing this new DAW for about a year now… I haven’t parted with any money, as yet… About the moment I feel myself ready to toss the coin, I read an article that says this or that and it takes me out of the loop… Here’s a review/article that has taken my attention and may very well push me into parting with some loonies…

It’s the Station Pro and it’s components I’m interested in. I believe it’s the same parts as the Rackmount version, as well. Just laid out a little differently… Anyway…

For me to order this setup from the supplier would be almost out of the question from where I live, but the parts list could be made up and assembled by me, where I live. They explain why certain compoents work and why… so, this is attracting my attention… Is there any truth in all this and why wouldn’t this work with RME audio hardware and n-Track… and what would some alturnitives be for ordering alturnitive compoents to put a setup together?

I’m still working with build 1516 and a P-111 here with '98SE… I tried V4 and found the issues too hard to work with… I think it’s my DAW, that’s causing me the grief… when I had V4 n-Track installed… Well…

So, what would be wrong with a DAW like Sweetwater is suggesting?


Hi Bill,

Taking this thread even further off-topic,… I’m shopping for my next DAW PC too. I started a thread on Audiominds looking for recommendations, and so far the comments seem to be that the new AMD/VIA stuff is less trouble than before, which is encouraging. I’m probably still going Pentium4 and an Intel mobo chipset (785 or 865). Anyway the common info seems to be that the current mid and higher-end PCs whether AMD or Intel should all be reasonable choices as DAWs.

I’ve never heard anyone bad-mouth the RME stuff (except the price)

Let us know what you end up with.

to phoo,

My main machine is composed (or decomposed) of the following:

Win 2K (soon to be dual boot with ME, but not yet)
MSI K7T266 Pro2 RU
AMD 2100+
512 MB RAM
ATI Radeon 9000 dual head AGP card
80 GB Seagate Barracuda primary master
1 CD and 1 DVD drive on secondary master & slave
2 80GB Seagate Barracudas on onboard RAID controller in striped array
450 Watt silent power supply

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Thanks. I’ll send it to the lab Monday. I can’t promise they will have exactly that but I’ll do what I can.

A few of things popped into my head:

1. Make sure your BIOS is updated.
2. Try lowering the AGP speed to 2x or 1x if it’s up at 4x – if possible. (experiment to see if it helps)
3. Change the bus speed to 100 if it is at 133 – if possible. (experiment to see if it helps)
4. Some motherboards back then were very sensitive to RAM tolerances. Some brands would work fine and some other brands of the same kinds would case all kinds of odd problems. It was a pretty major when the Duron and Athlons first came out. Some older motherboards were manufactured using a preliminary spec and AMD changed the spec slightly when it was finalized. I don’t think yours has this problem, but if you happen to have any other RAM sitting around you might give it a try. (What config is you RAM anyway?) Another really bad part about this is the fact that it’s a tolerance issue. Of identical MB and RAM pairs, one might be flaky and the other might be fine. The reason I mention it is that the symptom wasn’t always consistent with bad RAM. It might be constant blue screens, non-booting machines, or something as random as a crash or hang every so often. Some folks only had problems when doing intensive stuff, and n-tracks is pretty intensive. The only read fix was to buy RAM of the proper type but of a different brand and hope the problem when away.

Other than those your system seems like it should do fine.

I found something that might be a cause of concern. The MSI K7T266 Pro2 RU only supports up to 1800+ mhz. You’ve got a 2100+ in there. It might be fine, but it is something to think about.


- Supports Socket A (Socket-462) for AMD® Athlon™ / Athlon™ XP / Duron™ processor
- Supports 800MHz up to 1800+ MHz processor

Your help is appreciated phoo.

Everything you mentioned has been pretty much been gone over (BIOS updates for this board ended long ago). I can’t remember offhand what type of memory it was but its all been replaced not long ago (lifetime warranty).

The link you found for this board is old. Since then the last BIOS updates allowed for use of everything up to 2100+. I’ll try changing the AGP and bus speed settings as you suggested.

You must have access to quite a lab.

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I sent your config to one of the guys in the lab I work with on a daily basis. I’m not sure when they’ll get to it. They are rather busy right now. All I need is to know is that they have a similar config for me to play with. We can take it from there when I hear back.

It’s a pretty big lab, They change hardware a lot, and that’s an older board, so they probably had it in there at one time. Whether or not they can dig on up is another story. The only one I have is an AMD64 access too right now (not counting my home machine which is 1800+ and has an ASUS mb - I think, it’s not an MSI regardless - and is a royal flake in the noodle, but the Radeon 9600 I have is in another machine but it causes occasional problems with games as well - I could put that in the AMD machine to see what it does - I upgraded the drivers to the Radeon just last night).

Phoo- no need to overdo

I’ve been trying a lot of different BIOS settings but things have actually become worse so I went back to default settings. I thank you for your efforts though and it would be very nice if did actualy pinpoint something.

On the OS side I’ve been doing a lot of reading and the html trail led me to Lite PC

The upshot of all this is that Win98, ME, 2K, and XP suffer serious performance losses because of IE and all the web integration that goes along with it. The guy who wrote the Lite PC programs figured out how IE can be removed and the windows shell can be replaced with the Win 95 shell. This old shell doesn’t burden the CPU with all of the web integration and allows windows to become much less crash prone as well as a good bit faster. This applies to Win NT (2K or XP) as well. I tried his free lite 98 program and things are definately running faster.

I’d like to know what your take is on this, especially with all of your experience. Maybe you’ve looked into this before.

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not that I’m in a hurry phoo, but I am wondering if you came up with anything yet.

I’ve been getting better (but not proper) results using the windows shell swapping programs that I mentioned in my previous post. Plus, a slimmed down windows ME is definately a much more stable and agile OS. It breathes some new life into a less than cutting edge system.

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Unfortunately, no. The guys have been totally slammed at work this week. They are on a 6 day a week schedule now, and I’m slated to be on call all weekend t go in and help out if needed. Schedule stuff got switched around and now there is overlapping work to do. That will tie them up for another few weeks or so.

I did talk to one of them and he said they probably don’t have anything like that in there anymore because it’s a bit older. I know they do have old stuff like that but they don’t have anywhere near as much AMD stuff as Intel, so that’s probably at the root of the “missing machines” :)

We still have my daughter’s machine to play with though. The video card I have in the other machine is an Radeon 7000. That might not be up to par compared to yours. It will barely get the machine up to spec enough to run Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 or Airport Tycoon 2, though the speed of the machine with that card is plenty fast for those games.

I’m on the verge of needing to update the motherboards and CPUs in all but one machine at the house…it’s not a comforting thought that there are very few new games that will run on the machines I have at home.


did you check out 98 lite and xp lite. 98 lite has helped improve the graphics performance of Ntrack, but not the crazy window problems- they must be part of ntracks buggy graphics.

now that i’m running 2K/ME on one disk i’m buying both versions (XP lite & 98 lite).

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