Version 3.3 Problem

Upgrade pop up window ####

Hi everyone. I recently upgraded from version 2.2 by purchasing version 4. Although it looks like there are many new goodies in V4, it’s totally maxing out my CPU, a problem I never had with 2.2. Anyhow, I decided to uninstall version 4 for now and installed version 3.3. The CPU problems have dissappeared with 3.3, but every few seconds, an annoying pop up window comes sliding out asking if I want to purchase the 24 bit version. I can’t get anything done with this happening and it’s driving me nuts. Is anyone having this problem? Can anybody suggest what I should do to correct it? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Each major version has a different set of keys. You’ll either have to go back to V2 and use you old keys or get some V3 keys (legally of course).

Thanks! I reinstalled and solved the problem. :D