version 3.3

showing waveforms while recording

Hi guys, I’m a version 3.3 user who is wondering if this version can show waveforms while recording somehow? I like this version the most due to its simplicity but would like to see waveforms whilr recording(just looks cool and helps you adjust volumes better for max input levels before clipping!!) I think ver 4.2.1 adds the feature but I don’t want to upgrade…and also, I ordering the Sonica DAW Hush rt-4 for Xmas, anyone have one and use it with ntrack. If so, fill me in with some performance results. Also, I am using a Presonus firepod. Thanks guys later…

Nope. Use your meters, that is what they are there for. :wink:

Just a note, you don’t wan’t to get anywhere near max input while recording if you are recording in 24 bit. 24 bit recording one should be recording around -16 to -20.