version 3.3

still possible to purchase?

I notice several people here still use ver 3.3 because of some ongoing glitches with ver 4.xx I was looking at demo version 3.3 and notice that it seems to be little more intuitive concerning MIDI, vst’s, soundfonts etc. I don’t want to hassle with software and, from what i’ve read here, 3.3 seems to be more stable at this point…Is it still possible to purchase 3.3? Its been good for me but…I guess its time to give up ver 2.xx.


…or should i just jump in and go with 4.xx? what about old projects, will 4.xx open them too?

I’m still using 3.3. I doubt if you can still purchase it, get keycodes but you may be able to - you would have to contact Flavio.