Version 5 Registration Code Issue

Do the V.4 codes still work for V.5 Beta

Hi, All,

I downloaded and installed the beta today (Buld 2122), leaving v.4 (2099) installed as was stated is OK. I’m having a problem with the registration codes . My understanding is that my Version 4 24-bit registration codes will unlock Beta 5. But, when I enter the 24 bit codes for V4, the "thank you for registering screen opnes, but the registration box does not go away. There is no option to close it exept “Buy now”, “Purchasing Infor” “Enter Codes”, or “Remind Me Later”. The only way out is to close the program from the Windows Task Manager. When I reopen it, it comes up as unregistered.

Any body had this and solved it?? Or has the ability to use the V4 codes been removed now?


Oops - Never Mind! I looked my v4 codes up in the registry and found that I was putting in the wrong numbers! Excuse me while I go wash the egg off my face!


i upgraded from 3 to 4 24 bit also today,had the registration codes within 15 minutes and no problem so far
im diggin version 5 after usin 3.3 for bout 3 years or better,a fine product,i also have cool edit pro 2 but prefer ntrack

Hi dontuck:
I downloaded build 2121 and entered the v4 codes … They worked well no issues of any kind there… I had a config, issue with build 2121 and I had to un-install that build… After re-installing that build I re-entered the codes… All O.K. I remember way back when… V2.2 or something. I somehow get un-registered… When I installed the codes to get running again I had the right numbers and all but I seemed to have entered them incorrectly… After being very careful how I entered the #'s it accepted them and All was fine… After that I always copied-and-pasted the codes into the boxes… whenever I had to re-register… The numbers go into the boxes with no issues, that way… There’s a “Clip board” method… But I never got into the registration of n-Track, as serious as that…