Version 5

Anybody got any inside info or views about what might be in Version 5 ? (apparently due soon, according to the ‘register’ page).

No clue…

D – still hopin’ for a “Talent” button…

another vote for the “Talent” button…

Not inside info but I wish it would improve here.
Better piano roll editor, slicker, quicker and not as clunky. Resizeable effects windows. Better wave editting features again slicker, quicker and not as clunky (visually as clear as Audacity-nTrack color s F me). The abiltity to make customizable floating toolbars.

How about VST effects plug-ins that didn’t paste themselves randomly into a track when scrolling for the one you want to use??! :angry:

This has happened a lot to me lately - p***es me off every time…

regards, Nils

Given that version 4 never worked properly, I won’t be rushing to buy v5.

Judging by all the ‘issues’ on this forum, there wasn’t a single build of 4 that had the uniform stability of 3.3 (build 1512) which was around for ages. I’ll be sticking with that.

ditto that, 3.3 been a gem for me. I got v4, installed it, but didn’t like the changes on screen. under the hood may be worth it, but i’m pretty set for now.

been looking at mts though . . .

ditto, v3.3 for me also. It has just the features I need - I have no need for all the extensive improvements and extra features in v4.

I wish it was “ditto” for me as well. v3.3 was great. But I had to upgrade to the 24 bit version. So I figured to upgrade to v4.x at the same time. Now with a number of recordings with many hours of tweaking of the mixes, I can’t go back to v3.3 (sng files are not compatible). So I probably won’t be upgrading to v5.x until there is some kind of backward compatibility path available.


I’ve been using 4.05 for quite some time. The free fx plug ins were my reason. I have no complaints