Version 6.0 Build 2361

Problems I’ve found

I just submitted this bug report to Flavio. These are problems that are persistant and are repeatable.

On the Mixdown window; the hammer isn’t moving (hitting the red wav icon) and the green progress icon isn’t working, stays blank.

IN the timeline window, with a song loaded.
Clicking on the back arrow at the bottom, along the slider bar to move back on the time line one gets thousands of little cross’s. But unfortunately you can’t use them to slide a track or part. That is buggy.

Working with the Track Channel settings dialog box on the right. sometimes after making adjustments to compressors, (levels in the green) then closing. nTrack will “volume’surge” for some reason until you click stop and then play again. Then the volume surge goes away. That is buggy.

At times when looping and monitoring the band tracks and a few vocals, to set vocal levels. Every other time it loops tracks 123, are muted when they should be audible. The other tracks are audible every time.
I don’t know why it’s tracks 123, could happen to other tracks I suppose. Maybe the tracks one is working on?
That’s it. I can’t find any other problems. I realize there is a new build out but these same problems were in all the V6 builds so chances are they are still in the newer build.
Hope this helps,

Thanks for reporting the problems. I was able to reproduce the problem with the crosshairs that drag the waveform appearing multiple times when dragging the timeline scrollbar horizontally. The problem should be fixed in build 2367.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce the other problems you reported.
Perhaps they are related to some specific configuration setting. Please try reverting the program settings to the default ones with the “Reset defaults” button in the Settings/Preferences box.
I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by ‘volume surge’. Perhaps it might be caused by some kind of feedback effect going on (for example a mic picking up the sound from the speakers) which may trigger only when the sound level goes above a certain threshold. If that’s not the case please let me know if you find a repeatable procedure to reproduce the problem, possibly starting from an simple song with a single wave file.


Levi, if you have the time, I would be interested to see what happens
What sound card are you using?
What driver are you using - ASIO, WDM or MME?

See if the new build 2366 fixes the problem.
Still happening wtih build 2366?
I think I know what you mean by sound surge - the meters to up to Max and stick there? When I close the compress or I get a brief “blip” on the meters - something simular to click an analog player on/off.

Try this to see what happens - record without any mics or existing tracks loaded. Do you get any blops on what should be an empty track?
See if you get the “Sound Surge” on the empty tracks.

Thx Flavio much appreciated, :agree:
I’m using a laptop that does have a built in mic, that could possibly be it. I’ll give your suggestions a workout asap.

Ya Bax that’s like I was experiencing. I’ll run your test.