Version 6.1


Hello all!

I just purchased, downloaded and burned my copy of Version 6.0 a few days ago and installed it on my main pc with no internet…

How do I upgrade to version 6.1? Do I do the same thing by burning 6.1 to disk? Then what?

Thx, Lou

Download it to another computer and burn a disc or put it on a USB stick - whatever gets it there.

OK, If I burn to Disk, Can u please explain the install proceedure…


Just burn the downloaded n-Track installer file to CD, carry it to your DAW computer, put it in the CD drive, navigate to the file on the drive and double-click it. Follow the prompts… BADA-BING, BADA-BOOM! Done. :)


USB MEMORY STICK - will be cheaper then CDs in the long run -


Yep - even a 2 gig chip - that’s what I use - track in my room then mix on my laptop. It’s handy.