Version 9.1.2 crashes when exporting to AAF

Just updated to 9.1.3 Beta and is the same.
I need to be able to export my project for the other band mates to collaborate.

I used to do this with no issues with all previous versions.
This issue just started when I installed the last release (and now the Beta).

If it matters, I am using a Focusrite 18i20 as my audio interface.
Using ASIO drivers.
Running on Windows 10 Home version 20H2
24 GB RAM.
Using Intel i7 at 3.4 GHz.

Hello again.
Fortunately I saved a copy of the installer of version 9.1.1, build 3649.
I installed that and I was able to export to AAF without any issues.

So, my issue is resolved for the time being, but the latest release needs to be fixed.

Hello Jorge,

we’ve tried to export an AAF file and it worked properly. Maybe the issue is specific to your project.
Could you please send a copy of the .sng file you’re trying to export to, so that we can try to better investigate the problem?


I also have the export crash.
Version 9.1.4, build 4012
The project is supersimple, no effects/plugins, only 8 tracks (recorded on a ipad pro and exported to a Macbook Air running High Sierra.

If I did understand correctly, you’re experiencing a crash while exporting a song to .aaf format, using the Mac app.
From where did you download the app? from the AppStore? or from the n-Track web site?