version advice

I notice that n-track version 5.1.1 is a way bigger download than n-track version 6-64 bit. Why? I loaded version 6…and it seems to respond “faster” -I like it better.
-Perhaps the 64 bit is just more efficient?

- I have a 64 bit, Windows 7, 8 gigs RAM…and lot of free hard drive space…am I best off with version 7?

This is my recording machine that does only recording and a little Internet (e-mail and You-tube tutorials)


version 6 is slightly more efficient than version 5.1.1. The bigger download for v5 is related to the fact that version 5 used the .Net Windows component, no longer required for v6 and v7.
Version 7 also has a few areas where it’s more efficient than v6 (particularly when using many VST plugins and multichannel instruments) so you may want to check out the latest version.


Thank you! I will go for the version 7 upgrade