version upgrade 32 to 64bit

Do I need to buy a new version?
If not… do I need new activation codes?

Also… has anyone confirmed n-tracks works in windows 7?

Nope, you can run both 32 and 64bit nTrack, no need for upgrades or new codes. Your 32 bit VST’s and VSTi’s won’t work in the x64 app of n tho.

Don’t know about Win 7. Waiting to see what interface’s (notice I didn’t say soundcards Poppa!) drivers will be available with 7 before I’ll up grade to it.

I’ve never had a 64bit version of N-tracks. Are you saying all I need to do is download it, install and activate with the codes I got for the 32bit version, even if it’s the only version installed?

I plan on trying n-tracks out in windows 7 64 bit, so it will be a new install of n-tracks.

Yes the codes you have (whatever version you’re running) work with both 32 and 64 bit of that version of nTrack.

I’m running version 6 and have both 32 and 64 bit installed on my x64 machine.

eh . . . I know version 6 is the same price and registration code for both 32 and 64 versions. But I think prior versions cost more and took a different code for 64bit. I am not sure about version 5, but version 4 was still separate license for the different bit rates.

Don’t confuse audio bit depth (16 or 24 bits) with OS and program data programming/PC CPU data width. (32 or 64 bits)

There is a separate download link for the x64 version. versus for the 32 bit version.

n-Track was once sold as an app that provided 16 bit recording and would only render 16 bit output. An upgrade could be purchased that would allow 16 or 24 bit record/playback/output.

As far as I know today there are 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the program included for the purchase price. Either will of course, work at 16 or 24 audio bit depths.


Good catch Diogesneez.

OK… so… after I install win7, I’ll download n-tracks 64 bit version. Then install and activate with my codes from the 32 bit version.

It’ll be a while tho, as M Audio win7 drivers are still a private beta version.

But I’ll let y’all know.

Hey all!

I’m running nTrack fine on Windows 7. I’m running the 32bit version at the mo, but plan to change to 64bit when the Win 7 final release is out. I did have some issues with the BETA Win 7 driver for my Creative soundcard, but just checked their site today, and it looks like they’ve done a full official release with the issues I was having fixed. (It was an issue with the “what you hear” not working correctly.) Will download the new driver and report back with my findings…


MS had a pre-order of W7 starting June 26. (Deal is over now)
I picked up the W7 Pro upgrade for $99. But it won’t be dilivered til October.
What a deal. I will use that as an excuse to upgrade everything. (sigh)

I ordered mine from Amazon. Windows 7 Home Premium, 2 copies @ $49 each - free shipping. Due a few days after public release.

I’ll be running the N-Track PC at 64bit, and adding 4gb of ram(8gb total), and 32 bit on my main PC.

I don’t mind doing a clean install on the N-Tracks PC, only have to load 5 other programs(Sound Forge, CD Architect, Ozone, M Audio Drivers and nVidia drivers).