Very Stressful Time

VST nightmare

This is annoying.

After tidying all my various VSTs up - removing the ones that crash ntrack, shunting the stray ones into a dedicated folder and killing the out of date demos - nTrack now fails to reload any of them.

It pauses for a bit, tells me a bank file is unable to load, then says the VST scanfile is unable to load.

I have tried rescanning the VST list - again says its unable to load the scanfile - and reinstalling nTrack without importing the old set-up… which does nothing either.

When I try to use effects (all except the nTrack ones) it says the file may be in another location but infuriatingly does not give me the option to browse for it. Instead, I just have to click ok.

Not only does this make a chap feel terribly impotent - it means all my tunes have been denuded of the whooshing/burbling noises which made them special.

Anyone know how I can reset the fx, vst logfile and get it to scan again from scratch, to lose the ones I’ve deleted?

Usual apologies/thanks,

Try nuking all the files in C:\Documents and Settings<i>kellycraven\Application Data
-Track Studio
where kellycraven is your logon name.

All that used to be in C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4
(whatever path used to be used) for older versions.

Probably an uninstall and clean all old n-Tracks config files and registry entries may be in order.

BUT!!! Did you happen to manually delete any DX plug-in DLLs without first unregistering them? That’s my guess. DX Manager can help weed out those issues.