Video Sync Window

Just a small suggestion

I just wanted to post a quick suggestion for improvement. When I first opened the video sync window, its width was too narrow to see the browse button and other controls on the right-hand side. I fact, I didn’t realize they existed until I read about the “browse” button in the help file. Maybe the default opening size should be wide enough to be able to see all the controls?

I love that I’ve been using n-track for years and this is the first time that i’ve felt the need to post a suggestion for an improvement, and it’s such a minor thing at that. :D


Oh, I would expect some questions to follow about how to actually use the video sync window, as this is the first time I’ve tried to do anything with video…but first I have to make the video portion, lol.

Yikes, you’re right–I think you have a very valid point here!