Vista 32 and SB fatality Lagging problem

Vista 32 and SB fatality Lagging problem

Need Help !

my new pc is a intel dual core with 2 G of ram.
my audio card is a SB fatality.I use the latest
vesion of N-TRACK
My problem is :
When i record , the recorded track is not sync with
the other tracks.
What Wave device shoult I use ?
The delay between track is growing and growing
so i can’t drag the track to fit the others.

Hi Boite55:
I think you need to go into “Settings” and make sure to set the Sample Rate to 48khz. That may be the issue you have…


Hi Boite55, as Bill said check soundcard and program settings match, also go to prefrences, audio devices, advanced tab, uncheck keep audio devices open. Hope you get it working cause out of sync really sucks!

I’ve had the same issue on my laptop with my USB Soundblaster 24… The tracks won’t line up… And the offset time isn’t consistent, it’s completely random… And the problem gets worse the more I use Vista… I recorded an album last December using this exact setup and no latency… Then I began demo-ing for a new album a few months ago with some minor latency problems (once I hit about 4 tracks I’d start having problems, but not really for anything under 4 - which worked just fine for simplified demo versions) and now that I began actually recording the album, every single track I record needs to be re-adjusted… It’s frustrating because it gets harder and harder to make any progress… What I should be able to get down in an hour session now takes me up to four hours…

Please help!!!