Vista & XP Dual-Booting Setup

Best of both worlds

Like myself, many of you have been cursing Vista due to its hogging of CPU/memory or its soundcard driver incompatability.

One solution is to uninstall Vista and replace it with XP.

Here is another.
Set your system up to dual-boot.
That way, you can use your existing N-Track setup with XP, but still have Vista available for other “stuff” and testing N-Track with Vista for the future.

Here is a good website for setting this up: Windows Dual-Boot

This works best if you have a large harddrive to share the space of 2 operating systems and applications.

Vista does work better with my widescreen monitor for spreadsheets and the like. I can see more of the N-Track track display on my widescreen monitor with Vista.
With XP, it just stretches the display window rather than extending it.

Eventually like XP, Vista will improve, but it’s going to be a while.

I hope this helps,


I have a feeing that link is going to get a lot of traffic. :)