Vista Reliability and Performance

I was doing some system maintenance on my DAW yesterday and stumbled upon this Vista program.

Type reliability in the vista search window, open the program listed on top of the menu and explore it. Very useful information is being logged and I didn’t even realize it.

Click on reliability - inspect each day’s events. Interesting.

I got absolutely nothing when I searched 'reliability’
on my XP machine

But it’s pretty reliable.

That’s why the thread is named “Vista yada yada blah blah”


yer funny

So - For those of us who don’t have Vista,
what kind of info is being logged?

a history / log of any problems conflicts etc.
I’ll post a screenshot. I’m on my phone right now…

In XP, right-click “My Computer”… choose “Manage”. The Event logs and history are there. Very, very similar to Vista. :)

I believe some of this stuff has been around since early NT days.


Dang Poppa why so many software crashes? And your max freq only at 42% ? ? ?

x32 machine right? x64 machine is so much more efficient and smoother.


Dang Poppa why so many software crashes?

Yaz - every one of those is an iTunes "disruptive shutdown" on my laptop when I charge my iPhone.

Like Bill Clarke said - iTunes and windows really don't like each other that much.

I have not looked at my DAW's perf/reli #'s yet. Both are 32 versions though.

Ahhhhhhhhhh ok Poppa!

Yep the wife has same issues with her Kodac camera and Apple Quicktime software that came with the camera, so I did away with the Quicktime and do conversions on her movies to mpegs.

But her machine has resulting crashes with Office also, so i don’t know, maybe it’s just a Vista thang.

Oh well,
As soon as the phonograph record album makes a comeback I’ll be on top of the knowledge eh?:laugh: Well maybe not!