Vista SP2

Vista Service Pack 2 installed last night - seems to be running way faster and has an almost XP feel in it’s response. Then again I may be having flashbacks.
Check for updates ya’ll.

Installed thursday on my x64 machine, didn’t notice any changes. Trying the wife’s x32 machine today so will let you know of any improvements Poppa.

Hi Gents:

I updated my machine with VISTA SP 2 on Friday…
It went without any issues…
This machine is so fast in comparison to those other machines that I wouldn’t see-or-notice the BLURR in it’s activity…If I had the dialup yet, I would still be in the download mode…
So ThErE…



x32 machine definitely faster guys! :agree:

Yep - same here - sits down faster, loads faster, and responds faster.

SP2 screwed up my line 6 kb37 - would not read the old driver. Line 6 had one already updated for download when I checked though. All is well.

Spoke to soon, no audio here on x64 machine.

yep some stuff is twerkie on my tracking sys. But still ok. More drivers to find I think.

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Have you gone over to the dark side?

yeah I have - “Zippidy doo dah… zippity day…” :cool:

No fix for E-Mu drivers.

Just my luck, everything breaks at one time. Screw it!

I smell a fire sale coming on!

Don’t know if this will help.

Thanks phoo, takes me to the same driver download I already have and says it’s compatible. The problem is when using any audio app, after shutting down, you start machine again and no sound, revert to defaults in Patchmix gets audio back, but with each re start of the machine no audio.

I’ll fool with it tomorrow to see what’s up with this. May try a virgin re-install of the card, drivers and Patchmix. (Yaz jumping thru hoops again)

You may need to do a clean un-install first. Sorry man, but you’ll get it!


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I’m having a similar problem on the laptop with an M-Audio Audiophile USB device. This problem isn’t specific to Vista SP2. It’s specific to Vista and M-Audio drivers in general. Seems like when they work the work, and they may work for a while, then boom, no sound and everything SEEMS OK. I haven’t yet figured out what tricks the sound back on. I fiddle a while and after a few tries of doing the only stuff I know it will eventually kick in, or not. Upgrading to SP2 probably changed timing just enough on you machine for it to happen a LOT more.

Hey John Doe - that’s one of my fav David Crosby songs. I still play it on occasion.

As for Vista - wait for Windows 7.

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Well I’ve had a year of trouble free audio, so it’s my stupidity for doing SP2, Nobody’s Fault But mine.


I'm the world's most opinionated man . . . .

Write that song Yaz.