Thinking of upgrading?

Before upgrading make sure your system will not run into problems first.

Go here:…=20029b

Download, install and run Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.

It will tell you what you need to do before upgrading, including letting you know if some apps need to be uninstalled first, and any hardware that may cause problems. If the hardware can’t be determined there’s a good chance it won’t work or will need drivers that can only be got from the original manufacturer.

My home machine doesn’t have drivers for the RAID array and the Echo card can’t be checked, as a few other pieces of hardware. But, there was a warning that said I must uninstall Nero before upgrading.

Not only is this good to know, it’s VITAL in some cases.

I would NEVER use an operating system until it is out at least a year, to let the drivers and programs catch up with it.

Until it’s stable, you are just an unpaid bug-tester…


Vista requires a fairly considerable hardware platform. We have it on some dev machines at work at it runs like a dog. It seems to be particularly sensitive to graphics cards which renders just about every PC in our office as useless.