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Basically you need to create a form in Access to collect the user input, i.e. a note. When they click on the “go” button, this then fires a SQL query to the database that you have stored the chord information. I’m not sure how you have stored the chords, i.e. you could do this in 2 tables that are related, one with all possible notes and the other with chord names. SO you query would be “SELECT * FROM [chord_table] WHERE [note_name] = [what_the_user-typed];” which would bring back all the chords that are related to this one note

For a really good reference on SQL and other topics:

Once you get over the basics, you can start to develop quite a powerful interface

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PS - I hate VB!

Just curious - what’s the purpose of the application?

Well, there are several ways to do this. If you decide to go with the alterable Access database then good. If you think you have every chord written down and do not wish to change things, then you can probably throw all that as part of the executable code so that you don’t need a huge database application to run separately. This way you run a fast standalone app. I don’t use VB, but I can still manage to do things with good old QB (and perhaps XB if I ever get back to that version of Basic). The problem with QB is that it is msdos-based, although you can run it in a Windows window or fullscreen.

Think about creating your data table in Access and saving as a good ol’ .mdb. Once your GUI and lookup code is running, modifying the data table is as easy firing up Access. If you really wanted to get crazy with this thing, you could do a faux fretboard with VB radio buttons. Or use the buttons to show the notes on a staff?

Duh, I’m just rattling. I don’t do much in VB anymore.


How come I can’t see the original question here? What did nergle want to do? I actually created a file listing all chords with a certain note, or notes, in them.

I have one file where you can type in the notes of a chord, and cells highlight next to other chords that have 3 or more of the notes in them.

I have another file that lists every possible C chord, and chords in other keys that have 3 or more common tones. Kind of the same as the list above, but a little different.

But I’m not sure what the person who created this thread wanted.

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But, what I was trying to do, was write a proggy in VB that I could input a note, or notes, and it would return all chords that contain those notes.

I generated all chords using Excel, and with help from people in here, I figured out how to write the proggy.

But now I’ve done half the work, and worked out how to do the rest, I’ve sort of lost interest in it.

It was more the challenge of working out how to do it than actually doing it that interested me, but I 'spect I’ll finish it off one of these days. :)


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Oh... That's easy! Here ya go:

10 for x = 1 to 3
20 print ".";
30 next x

(Commodore-64 not included)
10 for x = 1 to 3
20 print ".";
30 next x

ROFL John.

But, that's the core routine of my "Forum Spring-Cleaning Macro!" :angry:

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