vocal track pitch correction

possible on a couple of notes?

I have a vocal track with a couple of slightly off-pitch notes. It’s not possible to re-track this as the singer is unavailable. Is there a relatively easy way to isolate and pitch-correct a couple of notes in this WAV file?

If you have a pitch correction plug-in it’s fairly simple. Most folks just clone the track and then apply the pitch correction where needed in the clone track and do volume envelopes where needed.

I use OBtune. It works pretty well. Antares is better but more expensive.

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This is the way I do it… may not be the best way though…

1. Make a copy of the wav file (so you can go back to the original and start again if you need to)
2. Open the wav in an editor that has good pitch shifting - I use Cool Edit Pro, but have had some probs with it lately (think it’s related to some Windows upgrades or womething) so need to find another wav editor and haven’t needed to do any pitch correction since…
3. Zoom in so that you can clearly see the note/phrase you want to pitch shift and where it starts and ends.
4. Highlight the part you want to pitch shit
5. Pitch shift that part.
6. Listen back and undo/repeat until you are happy with the result.

I found cool edit good because you could draw how you wanted the pitch shift to be. Sometimes you would want ti to be a flat constant pitch shift (if the whole note was out) and sometimes pitch shifted the amount you want and the gradually coming back to where the original noted ended (if the note started wrong but they ended on the right note).

A lot of it is trial and error to get the right amoung of pitch shift that also sounds natural and not like you have pitch shifted and sounding robotic/electronic.


Quote (RichLum @ Dec. 24 2004,15:43)
4. Highlight the part you want to pitch shit

i don't need software help for that... :D

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Thanks all. I can’t afford the pitch correction plug-ins :( and I don’t have Cool Edit (owned now by Adobe and sold as Audition), but I might be able to do this with Audacity. I’ll give that a try using Rich’s steps.