Voice like if played by old radio

I want my voice to sound +like if its played from an old radio, does anyone know how to do it on n-track studio or knows any other plugin i can download to use with n-track studio?! Please, i think it could help me alot with my song.

One more thing!!! Can anyone advice on how to record my voice best, so that there’s no noise or slight destortion. I’m using simple PC microphone, but its not the same as quality recording. I need real voice quality be produced in house conditions! Could u please give me any links or advices on software, hardware and anything else I should know!? Well it would ofcourse be better to be used with n-track studio. Thanks alot!

Thanks alot! c ya, can’t wait till response.

The “radio voice” effect:

1 - Extreme EQ - boost the mids, cut the lows and highs, sweep the mid frequency around until you like what you hear.
2 - Distortion - Try the “Ruby Tube” plugin. It’s free.
3 - Compression - Squash the crap out of it.

Now on the other hand, you ask how to make your vocal recordings sound clean using a PC microphone… You’re not going to get miracles with a cheap mic like that, but you might get something interesting.

Make sure you watch your recording levels so that they don’t peak. Don’t sing directly into the mic – sing at an angle to it to minimize the pops and such from your breath. Also try keeping the mic about a foot or so away from your mouth. Most importantly, just toy around until you find somehting that you can work with.

On the other, other hand… if you’re looking to buy a decent mic, you are bound to get many, many good suggestions from people here. It all depends on how much you want to spend.

It’s me again. Or the voice like if it was recorded on the mini recorders with those little iny speakers with bad quality but pretty much loud.

Exactly what John said. Or you could find an old wire recorder at a pawn shop and use it, that’s be fun. Also, the SIR plug in plus the “radio blag” impulse from (I think) the yamaha impulses (or was it the eventide?) downloadable at www.noisevault.com gets the eq dead on.

Concerning “quality” recording (as you recognize, not all good recordings are exactly “quality” recordings - soemtimes distortion is your friend), that’s a big, big topic. You might want to take a look at www.audiominds.com, or homerecording.com, or lurk at tapeop.com (when they get the board back up which had better be soon!).

Maybe you can try with Izotope Vynil, Old Radios played Old Vynils. Is free.

Try calling your answering machine and recording your vocals that way. Pretty cool raw sound. You’d have to somehow either mic the machine or plug it into your board.

There’s a good mda plugin called “degrade”.


Though for a specific “radio” sound there’s a great effect in my sampler (Roland 808).

Download the Kjaerhus Classic EQ plugin. It’s got a preset called “Radio” that should do the trick easily.

Kjaerhus Classic EQ VST (free download)

thanks so much for suggestions i will try that