Voice Tweaker Lite?

Anybody use it? :slight_smile:

I am looking at a few AutoTuner programs, and one of them is “Voice Tweaker Lite.” Anybody use it?

There’s a link to it below, and it looks like it does the same thing as the Antares Auto Tuner. Does it?


Also, it says I would need to have Direct-X 8 installed. I’m new at this, so this may be a stupid question, but is this a separate program, or is this something that is built into Ntrack?

Thanks for the help! :)



DirectX is built in to your operating system, but depending on what version of O/S (eg, Win98, 2k, XP) you are running, it may need to be updated to V8 or later. But don’t worry, it’s a free download from Microsoft. Just go to microsoft.com and search for DirectX.




as I mentioned in the Autotune thread, I’ve been using the Voice Tweaker Lite for awhile. Havent tried the Antares version, but for my uses, the VTL works just fine. As usual with these things, small tweaks sound okay, more drastic pitch corrections sound very, very bad.

One of the good features is the possibility to tweak formant frecquencies to change the gender of the backup vocalist…

For the most part, I use it as offline processing tool, not realtime.